Our Products and services:

Sales of cannas.
Many varieties, sold as rhizomes, plants and seeds.

Sales of planters and plant pots.
Cheap and durable black plastic Planters from 30 litres to 1500 litres
Speciality flower pots: for vegetable growing, tall pots for eg sweet peas, roses.

Sales of water tubs.
Cheap and durable black plastic Water Tubs, with many uses in horticulture and industry.

We also exhibit at horticultural shows
Major shows such as Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Tatton Park, Malvern Spring Show, and at many local shows and plant fairs.

We also present lectures
on horticultural themes for clubs and gardening societies:
"Glorious Cannas" All about cannas.
"Taking a Stand" Behind the scenes at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
"Hunting for wild cannas" A slideshow of our visits to Argentina and Bolivia in search of canna species.