We sell cannas. Our speciality is that we sell a wide range of varieties, including heritage varieties, correctly named, healthy, and pest free.

What we supply are generally small plants. This is the genetic mateial from which a gorgious canna will grow. Cannas are very vigorous plants, and if cared for will grow very quickly and will be flowering in the current year if purchased in the spring or early summer.


All items are carried in stock. If we are out of stock of any item, then we show this in the on-line catalogue as soon as possible.

If the stock of a particular variety is low, then we may limit the quantity available for each order to 1, 2, 5 etc. This is done through the shopping cart. Our objective is to hold a wide variety of plants, rather than a large quantity of each variety.

The price you see is the price you pay. We do not add VAT to orders from retail customers. We are registered for VAT under the Agricultural Flat Rate Scheme, under which we only charge VAT to trade customers who require a VAT receipt, and then the rate is 4%.

Delivery is charged extra. Our delivery charge is £6.00 per order within the UK.

We normally despatch within a few days of receiving the order. We send most orders via the Post Office. If orders are not received within 2 weeks of the date of the order we ask that customers contact us. In some cases the parcel may be held at the local Post Office. NOTE: Covid has neant that we are presently having delivery delays of 4 weeks or more.


The Shopping Cart method is very convenient, both for us and the customer, and produces a written record of the details of the transaction. This is the method we prefer customers to use.

It is also very secure, because nobody receives or sees Credit Card details except the credit card service provider.

Simply enter the number of items you require in the box by each product. When you have entered all the items you require, then follow the instructions to take you to "Checkout".

You are then taken to the secure site where you will be offered the option of paying by Credit Card or from a Paypal account. The Paypal account method is for those customers who already have a Paypal Account.

Simply follow the instructions. If at any time you wish to cancel what you have done, or want more time to reconsider, then just exit the procedure at any point.

If you confirm the order then you will get an e-mail receipt directly from the Shopping Cart software, and also a receipt from Paypal, and both your order and payment will be forwarded to us.

Even at that point, if you wish to change your mind, you can cancel the order and receive a full refund if you contact us before we have despatched your order. Similarly, if you think you've made a mistake in the ordering procedure, then if you contact us we can sort it out at our end. But you need to be quick to change your mind, in case we despatch the order in the meantime

Please contact us (e-mail or phone) if you experience difficulty with this method or ordering. email: us@hartcanna.com ; phone 01252-514421.


We normally despatch immediately, or at least within a couple of days. If orders are not received within 2 weeks we ask customers to contact us in case the delivery has gone astray. (Note: Doring the covid epidemic we are experiencing unprecidented volume of orders, and consequentlty delays in despatch)

We normally use the Post Office for delivery. For large orders ie over 10 items, we will use a courier service.

We take great care to minimise the possibility of goods going astray during transit. For this reason, we very much appreciate any supplimentary information that can enable out-of-the way addresses to be located, and also any information on where the items can be left if there is no reply when the van calls. It is better if this is somewhere at the premises (eg in the porch, round the back), rather than at another address eg a neighbour. Customers should be aware that orders sent via the Post Office may be held at the Post Office if they fail to make a delivery at the first attempt..


Customers are welcome to call at our nursery and make purchases in person.

However, to be sure that we are open you need to phone first. 0776 295 0000, 0771 867 9245, or 01252 514421.

Our address is : Lincluden Nursery, Shaftsbury Road, Bisley, Surrey, GU24 9EN. This is in the centre of Bisley, very near the "Hen and Chickens pub". Incidentally the "Chicks" is a good place for a snack or meal. By the pub, turn into Shaftsbury Road. Almost immediately turn right into a dirt track (our sign can be seen from the road). We are 200 yards down the track.


We can only sell cannas to UK mainland plus offshore islands. We can not supply Northern Ireland because of UK Government restrictions on living plant exports. We can not supply cannas to the European Union, or to any other countries, because of living plant import regulations.


We always carefully select each plant that we sell. We ensure that all plants are correctly named, viable, disease symptom free, and growing well with at least one actively growing shoot, and roots. We do not sell dormant rhizomes, or rhizomes with no new shoot showing. But the plants that we sell are young plants that require continuous care until they become established. They should not be forced into dormancy, or exposed to frost, and they should be given adequate water and light.

Sometimes plants are damaged in the post. In this case we ask that customer contact us on receipt of the damaged plant and send us an email with an attached photograph.

Sometimes a plant subsequently dies. We have no control over how plants are cared for once they have been delivered. If a plant dies after purchase, we ask that the customer contacts us as soon as possible and in any case within six weeks of delivery, and encloses photographs.

With the best will in the world sometimes things go wrong. In the unlikely event of a plant being misnamed, or developing a disease, we will replace the faulty item if possible. Please accompany any correspondence with photographs. But in all cases we consider the limit of our liability to be six months, and to not include consequential damage.

We operate according to the Distance Selling regulations.